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  • Forming ties together

    Looking@Libya works to establish close ties with Libya and other North African
    countries during this change of Government.
  • Business visa applications

    • Looking@Libya may obtain the following visas upon request:
      • Single-entry (45 days)
      • Multiple-entry (six months)
      • 12-month residency visas (which also include a one-year exit/re-entry visa)

      For further information, please contact us on and we will be more than willing to direct you in the procedures involved.

  • Translation services

    • Looking@Libya is equipped with a team of specialised translators who may carry out certified translations in any of the following languages: English, Arabic, Maltese and Italian among many other languages.

    • Certified translations will be stamped by the Ministry of Foreign affairs.
  • Business consultancy

    • Our consortium supports individuals and companies with an interest to develop relations within the MENA region. Our role is to transform an innovative proposal into a successful business. We do so by creating opportunities for relationships to flourish between both countries.

    • The following are a list of services which we offer within this field:
      • Finding a suitable business partner
      • Legal advice
      • Obtaining of necessary documentation and licenses
      • Property purchase or rental Logistics and operational requirements
      • Marketing
      • Banking and financial matters
      • Company maintenance
      • International taxation
      • Fiduciary and Trustee services
      • Expatriate work permits
      • Debt Recovery
      • Advice on public procurement
      • Obtaining EU funds

  • Legal

  • Both directors of the Organisation hail from well established law firms with 20 years of experience within the corporate and civil legal spheres. Our directors are thus able to provide legal advice on the following matters with regards to the setting up of business in Libya:
    • Setting up of Businesses
    • Vast knowledge on International Law
    • Intellectual Property Rights
    • Employment Law
    • Visa regulations
    • Contractual Law
    • Investment Law