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  • Formando lazos juntos

    Looking@Libya trabaja para establecer lazos con Libia y otros países del norte de África
    durante este cambio de Gobierno.

    • Our aim is to understand the needs of our clients, help them achieve their goals and aspirations and support them throughout. Looking@Libya offers a deep insight into the Libyan market, basing itself on the extensive knowledge of the Libyan and Maltese markets as well as on the vast network of contacts which it has both in Libya as well as in Malta. We follow closely the continuous developments which occur in both the business as well as the civil sectors in order to always understand the current situation before advising our clients on the way forward.

      We have a vast experience in these fields for the past 20 years and have always taken pride in being result-oriented. Professionalism, focus and success shall continue to remain our three main goals.

      Our commitment to our clients is to make the transition to enter into the Libyan market as smooth as possible.